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"Your user profile was not loaded correctly"

Is anyone experiencing the following issue? About 25-50% of cases after booting, logging into Windows produces the message "Preparing your desktop". This takes several minutes, and then you get logged into a temporary profile instead of your own, and Windows shows a notification stating "Your user profile was not loaded correctly!" When you check the Application section of the Windows Event Viewer under Administrative Tools, you see messages from User Profile Service with Event IDs 1502 and 1508, and contents that include: "DETAIL - The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process." One of the events mentions specifically that the file is ntuser.dat, belonging to the profile being logged in. I've had this happen on two laptops consecutively, so the problem must be in some software I've installed, but I don't know what software. I've read reports on the net that this problem can be caused by Google Updater, a p

Germany tells Greece to sell islands

If there's something I particularly like about Germans, it is their hard-nosed character trait of not only accepting responsibility, but expecting others to accept it, too. More so than other European nations, they seem to have the ability to tell themselves and others to suck it up, tough it out, and face the consequences of foolish decisions in the past. So I cheer when I hear German politicians proposing that Greece should start solving its national debt problem by selling islands . That's principled. I'll add to that: sell sovereignty along with the islands. An island that goes for €2 million would easily sell for €2 billion (or more) if the buyer gets to make his own laws.

Apple is evil

Not only does Apple make arbitrary decisions that affect the livelihoods of anyone developing for the platform; they are also now abusing the hopelessly wrecked US patent system to thwart competition. Apple stinks.