Why we don't do Apple

This is one reason why our small software company has not invested anything into producing software for the Apple platforms, nor do I plan us to:
ChilliFresh is an Australian company that creates apps for the iPhone, including the recently banned Wobble, which provides pictures of women's breasts.

"I'm now worried the eco-system is run by puritans and is not fair to all players," developer Jon Atherton said on its website.

"And worst of all it is not a secure source of income. It can drop to close to zero if they decide to change the rules," he added.

The firm was making £320 a day out of its apps, a figure which has dropped to £5 since the ban, he said.

"On Friday evening we got an e-mail out of the blue which basically said, thanks very much but we don't want you any more. Apple said it was removing all overtly sexual apps," he told the BBC.
It just doesn't seem to make sense to develop for a platform where you can't even count on being able to sell your software once you've invested years of effort into its development.

Apple picks sides, too:
When asked why some apps with adult content [such as Playboy's] had remained intact he said that Apple took into consideration how "well-known" companies were as well as whether they had "previously published material".
In other words: shaft the small guys, but try to avoid the big guys suing.


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