Obama is the man

It's been a year and I have to say that, so far, I am fairly pleased with the Obama presidency.

It is certainly much better than the dumb white guy that was in charge before.

I am particularly happy to hear about his plans for some serious bank reform that ought to prevent banks from getting too big to fail.

This is good news, and is something I've been advocating since a year ago.


Anonymous said…
Looking back on this... How do you feel about the result of healthcare reform? Goverment spending rose quite sharply under Bush, but under Obama its rate of growth has increased substantially...
denis bider said…
Last time I checked, the budget was ridiculously, over the top, incredibly bad. As in, way too much.

It's not unworkable in the long run, since budgets like these, in proportion to GDP, are commonplace elsewhere in the world. But where is the revenue going to come from? It isn't, Americans aren't willing to pay taxes like that.

It's going to be interesting how this is all gonna turn out.

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