G-spots and squirting

There has recently been a lot of ruckus about a "study" having "proved" that there is "no such thing" as a G-spot.

The "study" basically involved asking a bunch of women who were twins whether they have a G-spot or not.

Since women in genetically identical pairs would differ on whether they have a G-spot, the study concluded that there must not be any such thing.

The study seems to have pretty much completely ignored relevant information such as the variety and sexual competence of these women's sexual partners.

I shudder to think that this sort of complete bullshit passes any sort of review and gets published worldwide as if it's meaningful.

If you want to know the truth about sexual topics, you need to go to people who have had a lot of sex and a variety of sexual partners.

You need to go to people who enjoy swinging, partner swapping, group sex, open relationships.

If you enter a community like that, you will quickly learn that:
  • Yes, there most definitely is a G-spot. Even if you think you don't have one, if you find the right partner, you may be surprised.
  • Yes, women most definitely have the capability to squirt (female ejaculation). Not all women are physically capable of it, but a very large proportion is. Even if you think you're not, if you find the right partner, you may be surprised.
You just can't get very reliable information about people's sexual potential by studying people who deliberately try to not have sex.

Addendum: Some readers have interpreted the above as boasting that I am "the right partner". This was not the intended at all.

I do believe that it may very well be possible to have a semi-objective ranking of people's sexual prowess; some ways of doing it are just universally lame, while others will receive a good response from most potential partners. However, it seems highly unlikely that we would ever have consensus on who is the best sex partner - or even who is "very good". This seems highly dependent on each person's biology, preferences, and past experience.


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