Australia bans depictions of small breasts and female ejaculation


If the world is indeed overpopulated, then censors like these should be the first to go.

Protecting you from yourself, and from your obviously immoral curiosity about female ejaculation.


denis bider said…
Actually they did.

Adult women who don't have bodies that clearly look over 18 can't participate in porn. If a censor thinks that cup size A equals a kiddie look, then that's they will classify it.

The article you link to also fails to refute the ban on female ejaculation, which I think is quite simply ignorant and outrageous, even more so than the insane drive against small boobs.
verbatim said…
Problem with Australia is that their Constitution doesn't have Bill of Rights.

@daniel: In Australia the National Classification Code dictates that anything that describes or depicts a person who appears to be a child under 18, EVEN if they are an ADULT, in a way that is likely to cause offence, must be banned. State Criminal Acts are stricter, with for example Victoria’s, South Australia’s and Queensland’s child pornography laws making depictions of adults that appear to be underage illegal.

In any more developed country this would be a violation of basic human rights. Every adult should and must have same rights.

I wonder how long it will take them to ban shaved genitals.

Very interesting link to read: Australia’s 20 Worst Cases of Censorship and Moral Panic in 2009
denis bider said…
verbatim: It's not just an Australian problem, it's a cancer among us. I recall hearing about West European countries (such as Germany?) implementing similar measures.
verbatim said…
Definitely not Germany. German's pornographic laws are one of the most liberal in the world.

But yes, Germany intended to censor some internet sites but their president refused to sign that law. Experts also believe it's unconstitutional.

Problematic in European Union is United Kingdom (who else?) with it's Victorian age morality. UK has big influence not to mention that so called experts in smaller countries only speak English so they usually copy English laws because they can't compare/understand other legislations.
denis bider said…
That's a funny thing, the practice of copying law as if it were copying someone else's answer to a test question... :-/
verbatim said…
Yes, even newer Slovenian criminal law on pornography was admitelly copied from UK one.

Modern law procedure is usually like that they take laws from like 5 countries and then they compile data and make a new one. :)

Because of that laws usually don't solve real life problems which are locational or cultural specific.

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