Free accomodation in Frigate Bay, St. Kitts

For students of Ross University and others who might be interested in a "free" place to stay in Frigate Bay, St. Kitts:

We - that is, me and my wife - are looking for a female student (or anyone else our age, e.g. in their twenties or thirties) who would take care of our condo and our kitties when we travel, but also help with the household and generally be good company while we are here.

We are offering rent-free use of a furnished bedroom and a bathroom, preferably for a long stay. Our place is at St. Christopher Club, close to the Marriott hotel, right next to the Atlantic and near the Caribbean beach. There is a common swimming pool and tennis area on property.

  • Dependable yet easy-going character.
  • You like cats - we have two.
  • No pets of your own - they might not get along with ours.
  • Will help with household chores when we are here.
  • Will take care of our two cats, and the whole unit, for months at a time when we're away.
  • Can bring occasional guests, but no additional live-ins.
  • No parties in our place.
If you think we might be a match, write to my email, as published here.

Update: We have a roommate. :-)


Simon said…
Just curious: how is it going with the roommate? :)
denis bider said…
So far great, thank you. :-)
medschooll8y said…
I am coming in May for medical school and was wondering if you needed a replacement or when you might need a replacement house sitter. Thank you.
denis bider said…
Thank you for asking. In the mean time, one of our cats has died due to cancer... we still have the other one though. We don't have a house sitter at this time. We could use one, but I checked your blog, and it seems to me we might not be a great match. You might be a great person, but our last sitter was religious and conservative and, though our arrangement ended for an unrelated reason, we think we'd be more comfortable in our home with a more similarly minded person instead. :)

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