Tales of the Caribbean, #1


Employee: Boss, I'm in dire need, I'm all out of money. Can I borrow 200 EC dollars?
Boss: Well, I dunno. Your salary is on Friday...
Employee: But I really need the money. I don't have any left.
Boss: Well, that's not how it works. Where's your salary from last Friday? You'll get a new salary on Friday.

Employee: Dear boss's wife! I'm in dire need. Can you lend me 200 EC?
Boss's wife: Well, didn't you get your salary on Friday?
Employee: I did. But I have nothing left.
Boss's wife: Is that so. What you need the money for?
Employee: Well it's urgent. I really need it. I can't buy anything. I need just 200 EC. Can you lend it to me?
Boss's wife: I dunno. Let me talk to my husband.

Boss's wife: Well he says he really needs the money.
Boss: This isn't gonna work out. He spent all last week's salary on booze. Now he's gonna spend more money on booze. What do you think is gonna happen after you lend him the money?
Boss's wife: Well he sounds like he's in real need. I think we should lend it to him.

Boss: So, you want me to lend you 200 EC. How are you gonna pay it back?
Employee: Well, I guess, you could take it from my pay check. How about I pay you back 100 EC from each of my next two pay checks.
Boss: Okay. Deal. Here's the money.


Boss: Here's your paycheck, 300 EC.
Employee: Well... that's not enough! My salary is 400 EC!
Boss: Yes, indeed, but you see, I lent you money on Monday. We agreed that you would pay back 100 EC on each pay check. So you get 300 EC today.
Employee: What... You expect me to give you back that money?
Boss: Well, we made a deal. I lent you 200 EC. You said that you would pay me back.
Employee: But you gave me that money!
Boss: No, I lent it to you. That was the agreement.
Employee: But you didn't need it! You had extra money! I had no money, that's why I needed it. But you had extra money. If you didn't have the extra money, why would you have given it to me?
Boss: Well, that's not how it works. We agreed that you would pay back 100 EC from next two paychecks. So your pay check today is 300 EC.
Employee: *grudge*

Following Monday

Boss: Hey, could you take a broom and sweep that area?
Employee: Well, that's not my job! I'm not here to sweep the floor.

Employee then continues to operate at 40% performance until two weeks later, after he has begrugingly paid back the money, and forgotten about the grudge.

Then he hits up the boss for more money.


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