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Way to go, South Point

We just arrived at our (totally standard) room at South Point in Vegas, and we are pleased . This room is the best deal we have found so far in Vegas - or anywhere, at all. The room is actually as lovely as on their pictures. It's spacy enough, comfortable, and nicely appointed. The room has a safe that actually fits my 17" laptop, and the wireless internet has so far been blazingly fast. Internet still costs an additional $13 per day, as in most places in Vegas; but at other places, for that price, it hardly works or not at all. Here, pictures load faster than at our DSL at home. It's wonderful. And all that for an average of $62 per night! The second best deal we found so far in Vegas has been Bally's. The rate we paid there was slightly higher than South Point. The room was nicely appointed, though definitely not as nice as here. The location on the Strip is fancier, but the internet access was really crappy - wireless didn't work and even wired access was sl