Egypt jails swinging couple

Egypt considers consensual sex between adults one of the worst crimes:
An Egyptian couple accused of engaging in sex sessions with other couples have been jailed by a Cairo court.

The man, a 48-year-old civil servant, was given seven years, his 37-year-old schoolteacher wife got three years.


Ayman al-Saadi told AFP news agency the sentence passed on Saturday by a court in the suburb of Agouza was "very harsh".

"Even people accused of apostasy have not received such harsh sentences," he said.
Notice how the crime of consensual adult sex is being compared to the crime of changing your religion (to something other than Islam).


Simon said…
Of course crazy. Who has the right to tell you what you and your wife can do in your bedroom with each other...

I am not approving the court's decision or stupid and dangerous laws like that.

However, if you get married in Egypt, obviously you should know that swinging is illegal. And when you get married you decide to obey the laws. Hence: why would you even get married there?
denis bider said…
Simon: Apparently because, if you live there, and you don't get married, it's illegal to have sex at all.
verbatim said…
It is sad that in majority of countries people still can't live like they want.

Denis, what do you think about polygamous relationships? Should they be legal?
denis bider said…
Priest denis is happy that you ask, and will now serve his answer, according to his scholarly interpretation of the Book of denis. :)

So quoth the Book of denis:

The State shall have no say in the nature, number, content and kind of consensual relationships that any of its citizens choose to have.

The state institution of "marriage" is, in and of itself, an oppression of others by those who believe in monogamy. The state should not recognize or legislate on any concept of "marriage".

If people want to enter committed monogamous relationships, they should draft an agreement, sign it with witnesses, call it "marriage", and let that be that.

Similarly, people who want other kinds of relationships should be able to draft their own agreements according to whatever it is that they want.
Anonymous said…
What is strange in USA that it illegal to marry another woman but you can have sex with two woman without marriage.
denis bider said…
Yes, Mr. Anonymous, I agree it should be perfectly legal to marry as many people as want to marry you, but at least in America and other western states you can have sex with anyone you like. That's about a million times more just, better, and fairer, than the oppression perpetrated on your fellow human by men in Islamic states.

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