Teenage "child pornographers" charged for pictures of themselves

Here's how sensible American child pornography laws are:
Half a dozen teenagers in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, face child pornography charges, three for taking nude or semi-nude photos of themselves and sending them to boys by cell phone, three for receiving them. The arrests follow similar cases involving a 16-year-old Florida girl and her 17-year-old boyfriend, whose child pornography convictions were upheld by a state appeals court in 2007, and a 15-year-old Ohio girl who was arrested last fall. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review article about the Pennsylvania case mentions a 13-year-old boy in Texas who "was arrested on child pornography charges in October after he received a nude photo of a student on his cell phone."
In my opinion, everyone would be much better off if the people who arrest and prosecute these kids would just do the world a favor and retire to Saudi Arabia.

Look at the wacky logic these puritans use to justify their ruining of the kids' lives:
Further, if these pictures are ultimately released, future damage may be done to these minors' careers or personal lives. These children are not mature enough to make rational decisions concerning all the possible negative implications of producing these videos.

In addition, the two defendants placed the photos on a computer and then, using the Internet, transferred them to another computer. Not only can the two computers be hacked, but by transferring the photos using the Net, the photos may have been and perhaps still are accessible to the provider and/or other individuals. Computers also allow for long-term storage of information which may then be disseminated at some later date. The state has a compelling interest in seeing that material which will have such negative consequences is never produced.
Well, that makes sense. Those private photos could have resulted in such outrageous damage, it is better that the kids are put in jail instead.


verbatim said…
Those American prosecutors better don't come to European beaches as there are a lot of teenage girls topless. And they even take photos of themselves! Not to mention popular nude beaches. Plenty of paedophiles.

I wonder when they will start arresting people for seeing naked children on the beaches?
verbatim said…
Well, United Kingdom hit new low as The Dangerous Pictures chapter of the Criminal Justice Bill came into force today.

Bill criminalise the possession of adult, staged, consensual violent pornography with penalties of up to 3 years in prison.

Developed world is heading to wrong direction...

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