Middle ages, here we come!

I would have never expected this kind of middle-ageism in a supposedly enlightened country:
The government has failed to live up to its manifesto promise to phase out mixed-sex wards in hospitals in England, the Conservatives say.

Responses from 132 hospital trusts to a Freedom of Information request found that 15% still used at least one open-plan, mixed-sex ward.


Under the government's definition of mixed-sex accommodation, patients should be kept in bays divided at the very least by fixed full-height partitions.

Patients should also not be expected to walk past others of the opposite sex to go to washing or toilet facilities either.
I guess the people mostly populating hospitals these days still have mindsets dating back to the Victorian era.


verbatim said…
Well, you are talking about England. They still have single sex schools, high schools, spas and other welness facilities etc.

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