France to track "happines" instead of economic progress

France's economy sucks, so Sarkozy proposes to measure national happiness instead. The problem is, it has already been measured, and it, too, sucks. The level of "happiness" in France is at the bottom of the "less happy" range, precisely because of the lack of opportunity provided by the bureaucratically restrained economy.

But Sarkozy has recruited like-minded people to perform a study especially for him, and surely they will deliver pleasing results.


verbatim said…
French people are not really happy but Americans on the other side are not happy too. First because they are lacking economic freedom and latter because they are lacking "every day" freedom (you can't even celebrate wedding with a wine in a park). Waiting all day that you see someone make something not according with a law is disgusting also (that's american way).

I was hoping that Sarkozy will save France but he is only doing one stupidness after another. Looks like they will have to wait for other savior.
denis bider said…
Well, I think we all knew (or at least I did) that we shouldn't be expecting any large amount of common sense from Sarkozy, but at least his blunders wouldn't be as catastrophic as those of Ms Royal might have been.

France does not have any liberal politicians, and that's part of its problems.

The US is better off than France in that the federal government spends only 20% of GDP. The remaining 12% of US government spending is spent by local and state government. However, the way they tax these 20% of GDP - mostly through income-based taxation - is horrific, tragic, and disastrous.

And you're right that the US are
full of awful prudes who try to intrude on people's private lives.

C'est la vie. Fancy moving to Iran? Singapore? Japan? China? :-)

The world sucks, but at least we find ourselves on the side of it that sucks much less. :-)

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