Victims on Trial: The Everyday Business of Courts

This is your well-functioning state.

And here it is in another instance.


verbatim said…
The first link was one of the funniest thing I've ever read :). It is hard to believe that there is a country which is arresting people for being!! drunk in the public.

And not even that, then they took his driving licence. I can't really see any correlation between walking and driving licence. If what should be given by the court, then should he receive a reward for choosing a walking (it is not a threat to anyone) instead of drunk driving a car (potentially killing machine).

World is really getting mad. Crazyness of society is getting bigger year by year. And I hope no one can say we are living in an educated world with all the idiots around.
denis bider said…
Nah. People were always this crazy. The great grandfathers of Americans who are alive today even tried prohibiting alcohol outright...

The following is something I recently wrote on Amos's blog:

We can only hope, though, that technology makes us smarter as a human race. The evidence [for truth, for sensible things] is there, people just need to bother to look at it. With the internet, this is becoming easier than it was ever before.

Hopefully, the internet should allow truth (sound principles that can be validated) to spread faster than lies (myths which cannot). Even if the initial configuration is 1% truth and 99% lies, over time we should see amplification in favor of truth, simply because those few people who think rationally and are exposed to both, are more likely to accept and propagate that which makes sense, rather than that which does not. Meanwhile, one would hope that the others who think less rationally might take their cues at least in part from those who think more rationally, and thus eventually sensible ideas should prevail.

That's pretty much our only hope. :) If the internet doesn't selectively amplify humans' positive characteristics more than the negative ones, then we're in deep shit, because human nature in general, well, it sucks. Just look at life in India before they were exposed to the West. The stagnant society, the castes, the eating of cow dung, the forced widow burning; that's your run-of-the-mill human nature at play. For the most part, places like Yemen are still caught in that, whereas Western societies have improved, one would think, through greater access to information.

Let's hope that continues to be so. If it is, then eventually Milton Friedman should beat Marx, on the strength of sheer evidence.

Of course, unless the Singularity occurs first. :-)

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