A small first step to WikiLaws?

Police wiki lets you write the law:
Due to a new wiki launched by New Zealand police, members of the public can now contribute to the drafting of the new policing act. [...] "It's a novel move but when it comes to the principles that go into policing, the person on the street has a good idea ... as they are a customer," [NZ Police Superintendent Hamish McCardle] said. [...] The wiki version of the Policing Act will be viewed by New Zealand parliamentarians, before an official bill is introduced into Parliament, Superintendent McCardle said.
Via Amos.

See also my proposal for a technological upgrade of democracy into a wiki-inspired form, doing away with elected representatives and their ample opportunities for abuse, reducing oppression and cleaning up unreasonable laws.

Guys, politicians benefit from the current system. Even if WikiLaws were so great as to cure AIDS, the common cold and cancer, the current crop of politicians aren't the ones who are going to propose that it be tried. One of us is going to have to design it, develop it, mount an experiment to show whether it does or does not work. Then, if it works, to promote it, to convince the people, and to slowly start to get it adopted...


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