The ethics of patent trolling

I would have no problem whatsoever if Dr. Michael David Doyle, as a form of just return for his major contributions to humanity - those contributions being negative - were run over tomorrow by a train.

I would similarly have no qualms if David E. Stout and others benefitting from the Blackberry ripoff met with the very same fate.

The U.S. patent system is thoroughly broken. It needs to be changed. But when a system is broken, people who abuse it for their benefit - at the expense of other individuals; at expense of humanity at large - are evil. Just because a system is broken, and abusing it is legal, doesn't mean that you should feel free to abuse it at will.

And if you do, you are a scumbag, deserving of the worst fates that scumbags should meet.

Suppose a quirk in the law meant that in some particular circumstances, you could legally get away with what was plainly murder. Would you not be a scumbag deserving of punishment if you did so, even if the law did not see it that way?

The law needs to be fixed. But the fact that these scumbags can get away with extortion through the legal system... doesn't make them scumbags any less.


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