Who the U.S. is standing behind

The Economist publishes this article about Israeli settlers' non-compromising aggression against Palestinians. The article describes how this has grossly violated the Palestinians' property and other essential rights; and how the victims can do nothing because the state of Israel stands behind the settlers.

Among other things, guess who prompted the practice of killing civilians?
The costs of this ideology to Israel, let alone the Palestinians, have been enormous. Rabin's assassin in 1995 was inspired by a settler, Baruch Goldstein, who killed 29 Palestinians in a Hebron mosque in 1994. Goldstein's rampage, according to a former adviser to the head of Israel's security service, also prompted Hamas to begin the tactic of suicide-bombings against Israeli civilians.
Historically, nothing could be done against people not much different than Baruch Goldstein because the state of Israel has stood staunchly behind them.

In turn, nothing could be done about that because the U.S., primarily, has stood staunchly behind Israel.

Then 3,000 people in New York got killed.

When there's dire injustice that refuses being fixed, it has a manner of escalating.


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