The doghouse: Hindu believers protest canal between India and Sri Lanka

As if to show that pointless and hurtful religious traditions are not solely the domain of Christians and Muslims, Hindu hardliners blocked roads in Delhi and elsewhere to protest a proposed canal project that would reduce travel time for ships and boost local economies by providing a navigable sea route between India and Sri Lanka. The object of dispute is Adam's Bridge, a 48-km long geological formation which Hindus believe was built by god Ram and an army of monkeys to enable him to cross into Sri Lanka.

I would understand a protest based on environmental grounds; a unique landmark like this may warrant preservation. But to block roads because the bridge was built by Lord Ram and his army of monkeys - that's another issue altogether.


verbatim said…
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verbatim said…
one of the funniest thing I've ever of monkeys :)

There is less and less room for common sense in this world. Religions are getting too important.

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