New Scientist: Paying taxes is a pleasurable duty


In my personal experience, I find that this is true. To the extent that I believe the taxes I am paying are assessed fairly, and to the extent that I have confidence that the money will be put to good use, I find paying taxes enjoyable.

I just found myself thinking the other day, as I was buying a $5 bottle of water at the Marriott: "If only a percentage of this bottle went for a sales tax, I could at least feel that by buying it I did something good."

As it happened, St. Kitts has no sales tax, and that water was bottled locally, so the $5 was pure markup going to the hotel store. That didn't feel as good.


Tomaz said…
I had same feelings when I was living in Switzerland. I was paying decent income tax for a very decent govt. service.

Unfortunately, Slovenia offers expensive low quality service and the only way out seems giving them less money and spending the rest on what we really need.

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