Penalizing companies and people for bad behavior

Boris Kolar recently posted this proposal in a comment to my post on bottom trawling.
I propose the following solution: give people a real "no" vote. Give them the ability to anonymously "steal" from companies they don't like.
I think this idea is worth discussing. Allowing people to penalize companies (AND other people! remember that a corporation has all the rights of a natural person), for what they consider to be their bad deeds, would probably lead to a mixture of (A) better behavior, (B) increased effort on improving the company's public image, and (C) increased effort on silencing critics and hiding truth.

While A (improvement) is certainly desirable, and B (more PR) might be tolerable, the C effect is certainly destructive. Which one of these effects would prevail would have to be observed through an experiment.
How about the following rules:
- the total amount of money a person can "steal" from corporations is limited by a fraction of his personal tax liabilities
No. You know I'm against the income tax, so this won't fly with me. Let it be a fixed amount per person. And let the penalty money be destroyed (given back to the central bank for reissue), NOT transferred. The penalty must be motivated by a pure punishment motive, not in any direct or indirect way as financial gain, otherwise abuse will be rampant.
- tax liabilities of a corporation are (1 - k * ci / (ci + ts)) where k is an empirically determined constant, ci is corporate income, ts is total amount "stolen" from corporation
With no income tax, the penalties would have no tax-related impact.


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