David Cameron's "Universal Mush"

The BBC has quoted David Cameron as saying:
"I don't want a world that has become a kind of bland universal mush where our distinctive cultures and histories and identities have are gone. I want India to be India and Britain to be Britain."
Who's David Cameron to want things about people's cultures and identities? I don't agree with bland, but the only way the world is going to be a more harmonious place is if it does turn into a universal mush. All of the individual characteristics that Mr. Cameron may find peculiar and interesting about India vs. England are, to the extent they cannot sustain themselves, counter-productive and must go. The only way that the lifetime of counter-productive features of different nationalities can be extended is by political fiat - forcing people not to do things, curtailing their freedom so as to extend the lifetime of what is pointlessly perceived as a national 'self'. That's what leaders like Mr. Cameron propose - preventing you from interacting with people you want to interact with, and restricting ways you want to interact with them, so as to preserve a fiction!


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