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In response to Vorlath - Steal The Free (2)

In response to Vorlath's response to my response to his post : "The majority of people on this planet live in poverty." If you mean people in undeveloped countries, that's their problem. It is not the responsibility of the western states to develop other countries. Many of these countries cannot even be developed because the average IQ in these countries is below 70 (Race Differences in Intelligence, by Richard Lynn). Civilization is a state of mind in the population. This is inachievable by chimps, and likewise it is inachievable by some humans. We are not equally capable. "Over 12.6% of the US lives in poverty. They make less than 10K/year." That's faulty statistics. Lots of these people are just people exploiting the system. Developed countries run a system where it costs to be earning money (in a way that can be measured anyway), but it pays to be poor. Hence, people pretend poor. I read that the same group of people in the United States whos

In response to Vorlath - Steal The Free

In response to Vorlath's recent post, Steal The Free : I don't see how there is a money issue in the world that needs fixing. The patent system is broken, yes. We don't have a reasonable solution to the copyright problem, yes. But money works. What makes people poor isn't the money. The money makes nations richer, and it does uplift the poor as it does the rich. This might seem tedious and a cliche, but I have observed it in practice when, several years ago, working as a successful programmer in Slovenia, I earned less per month than a disabled single mother in California and her kid got in social security benefits. They were calling themselves poor while the kid had a digital camera and a laptop. That isn't poor to me. If that's what poor is, then there aren't any poor people in the States. Most people in Slovenia are still satisfied to get that amount of net income, and the prices are no lower here. There is a tax system problem that needs solving, yes.