The US goes Iranian on gambling

In Iran, the government thinks it right to uphold "morality" by dictating a dress code women are required to adhere to.

In the United States, the government thinks it right to uphold "morality" by disallowing its citizens from gambling over the internet.

The United States have just arrested a non-US citizen while he was transferring between international flights on US soil for the crime of running an internet gambling business outside the United States that, while being 100% legal where it's based, took online bets from US citizens.

Many things are illegal in China that are not illegal elsewhere. Is China entitled to enforce its laws worldwide? Is it entitled to jail foreign citizens for providing Chinese citizens with online access to things that are prohibited in China?

Suppose that China took upon itself to enforce its laws internationally and jailed Google executives while on visit in Beijing. Suppose China sentenced Larry Page to 30 years in jail for the crime of providing online search results that include anti-communist links to Chinese citizens.

What would the American reaction be? Would the United States send a stern warning to the Chinese government? Sure it would. Would it punish the Chinese one way or another if it didn't free Mr. Page? Of course it would.

Except that when the tables are turned, the USA thinks it is entitled to doing exactly the same thing it would never let the Chinese do. Arrest a foreign citizen for the crime of providing a service to American citizens that is legal where it is provided, but illegal in the United States.

How hypocritical!


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