Jesus Christ Superstar

If you ask me - and I'm no expert on Slovenian culture, which would be because I have a prejudice that there isn't much of it worth talking about to begin with - but if you ask me, the single greatest Slovenian contribution to worldwide culture is Laibach's edition of Jesus Christ Superstar.

This song - no, this... work of auditory art - is just so powerful, so awe-inspiring, so strong and so well-executed, I just can't get enough of it. And, don't get me wrong - this is no piece to listen at room volume, or without a solid bass. It's a piece to play at full volume, as loud as you can risk when you're at home alone and most neighbors are away.

Laibach has a bunch of other stuff which I find interesting and OK, but Jesus Christ Superstar I think is very much their best. Then again, that is only my own taste and opinion.


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