Circumcision as an adult, part 3

In my previous posts about being circumcised (part 1 and part 2) I described my actual circumcision and the first days of healing.

Six weeks later, now that I have had some new sexual experience, I think I can say quite safely that the sensations are way better. Previously, my sensations on penetration were limited to the glans penis and immediately below it when inserting the penis, and very little sensation at all when retracting it. This is because the foreskin would attach itself to the walls of the vagina, where it would mostly stand still - the so called gliding action. Regardless of what it says in the linked Wikipedia article, this gliding action sucked. I have a pretty average width penis, perhaps even a bit below average. Therefore, if the woman had a normal-sized pussy, because of the gliding action, I would feel very little sensation when penetrating, and almost no sensation when using a condom. Because of the lack of sensation, it could be difficult to maintain a hard erection - that is, unless the woman had a very tight pussy; or had very strong vaginal muscles she would exercise; or I was very aroused to begin with.

Now, without the foreskin, the sensations are so much better. My first surprise when inserting the penis was that, with a condom, I didn't feel as much on the head of the penis as I used to. The glans had become desensitized because of constant exposure, so now there is less sensation on the glans, even less with a condom. However, because there is no gliding action, I now feel so much more along the whole shaft of the penis that the sex is just awesome. It used to be that, because of the lack of sensation, I could have not-very-interesting sex for a long time without coming until I became limp from exhaustion. This is no more: now, I can actually feel the vagina along the whole shaft, and this is such a turn on that high arousal and a climax are unavoidable. I can now feel a normal pussy very well, and a tight pussy (which earlier I needed to feel anything much at all!) is now a mind-boggling mix of sensation that leads to a vulcanic climax.

Amazingly, even though the sex is shorter because I'm so much more aroused, my girlfriend says she can feel me so much better and also enjoys sex much more than before!

The change in sensation is undeniable. However, I imagine that some of the extra arousal is also temporary because I've had sex infrequently since the operation, so as not to hinder the healing; and that part of it is because I do not climax alone any more. My earlier techniques now don't work any longer; they are arousing, but they do not take me to an orgasm. And I don't even want to learn masturbation again: I find that my attitude towards sex is more pure, my desire is greater, and my experience is better if I am unable to take care of the tension myself.

In summary:
  • If you want a circumcision for any reason; especially if you feel that gliding action due to the foreskin is depriving you of pleasure; then do it. I can testify that, without the foreskin causing the gliding action, the experience is so much better. Previously, when I penetrated into a vagina, my thought every time was: "Why does this feel so bland? Shouldn't this feel much more intensive?" Now, my thought is: "God this feels good!"

    So - pick the one you prefer. :)
  • With regard to the aesthetics of the operation, you might be much better off going to an aesthetic surgeon than going to a urologist. If I did this again, I wouldn't go to a urologist because, now, my circumcision is seriously lopsided: there's more skin on the right than on the left side. It doesn't bother me functionality, but it's just not as pretty as it could be. I think an aesthetic surgeon would likely have done this better, and I still hold a grudge towards the urologist who operated on me (dr. prim. Marko Stanonik) for failing to do it nicely and symmetrically.

    Still, I am more satisfied with my circumcision than I was without it!


Anonymous said…
I read with interest your account of circumcision because I am thinking of getting circumcised myself. I wonder what the style of your circumcision is - high and loose I think from the way you describe it?
denis bider said…
What I dislike most about it is that it's uneven - higher on one side than the other. It is also definitely loose.

If I were to do it again, I would want it a bit tighter, and I'd want it to be more even.

I would say that the style is low rather than high - the cut line is closer to the glans (low) than the root of the penis (high).

I don't have a strong opinion about how high it was done, but I definitely dislike the uneven, and I'd prefer it a bit tighter.
CS said…
(I am the poster above). Have you thought of having a revision? There are a few discussion groups in Yahoo and Google about this subject. I cannot decide whether to go to a urologist or a plastic surgeon (much more expensive) but after hearing your story, I am really thinking about going to a plastic surgeon.

The definition of being high I think is that the scar is more than 1 inch from the glans.
denis bider said…
If I were to do it again, I would definitely go to a plastic surgeon. The urologist's attitude to my concern about aesthetics was: "Are you going to put it in an exhibition?"

Re hi/lo - I guess then I am neither high nor low. It's less than one inch on one side, but more than one inch on the other.

I might get it redone, but not yet quite. The recovery takes weeks - I don't want to be incapacitated that often.
cs said…
You should shop around a bit for revision. There are a number of website on the Internet where people discuss matters like this.

I totally agree with you on the part about masturbation. I feel exactly the same way after I have stopped masturbating. Sex takes on a different dimension, just like what you said, it is "more pure".
cs said…
Inspired by your example, I will be getting circumcised in two days!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing this information. I find it intriguing that your description of the advantages of circumcision are similar to what I have read by some other adults who underwent this op at an adult age. Many of them said that they had found the gliding function as interfering. But I would like to ask, if you don't mind, how do you find it now, as some time has passed by? Are you still happy about the op? And is it true that sensations get better after op?
denis bider said…
I'm still happy with my circumcision. I like myself and my experience better this way.

I would certainly prefer the head to be as sensitive as it was before the operation. But I would rather not go back and get the gliding action again, because that bothered me more.

Sensitivity of the glans fell steadily for about a month after the circumcision, and then stabilized. I didn't notice a subsequent improvement in sensitivity later on.
Anonymous said…
I'm interested in having more men's (or women's!) opinions about the "gliding action", but it seems like this topic is very little discussed! I have been able to find only 4 men experiencing it on forums, all of them thought it kinda sucked xD
The thing is... I don't! I think the motion of the skin is very pleasant! I wonder if i'm the only one ^^
I have experienced it for a few weeks, when me and my gf started to use female condoms (a regular condom usually prevents my foreskin from moving. When it doesn't it is very unpleasant because I feel the latex trapped underneath >_<)

Have you talked about it to other men, preferably who didn't get circumcised?
Did it make a difference for your girlfriend(s)? Mine didn't notice a big change.
Anonymous said…
Sorry for some reason I jumped across the paragraph where you talk about your girlfriend's sensation :s

One other thing I would like to ask : since your head got less sensitive, do you enjoy oral sex as much as before?
denis bider said…
I enjoyed oral sex the most when I was, perhaps, 19, and at that time was able to orgasm from it. I ceased to enjoy it as much later on, and had trouble orgasming from it even before circumcision.

After circumcision, I still enjoy oral sex, and find it hot, but I find it similarly hard to orgasm from it as I did in the year before circumcision. I do still sometimes orgasm from it, but it takes a really dedicated performer, and it's a rare exception rather than the rule.
denis bider said…
About gliding action, I recall hearing about one female who likes it - her major argument I remember from her was that lubrication isn't as necessary, which I take it is because of the reduced friction. I obviously prefer more friction to not having to use lubrication, but I guess it's different strokes for different people.

As far as men, I don't believe I recall many other uncircumcised men who enjoy the gliding action, but if you do, great. We're probably built differently and respond to different stimulus to an extent.
Adam B said…
Are you still happy with your circumcision decision? Have you noticed any further sensation lost or the skin getting looser? I've heard man can have that happen over the long term.

I experience this gliding action and find it very insightful what you have said.

My doctor wants me to do a fairly low circumcision where the skin won't move to touch the head at all. I've already had my frenulumn removed by him.
denis bider said…
The situation stabilizes within a few months of being circumcized. It's been about 7 years now, and I don't think I've lost more sensitivity than I did in the first year, or that the skin is any looser.

I still miss the sensitivity I had before, but then I remember the problems I had due to lack of friction, and I still think it's a good tradeoff for me. The improved hygiene is also a bonus.

I wish someone came up with a way to preserve sensitivity, though. :) That would be the best of both worlds - then, I would really see no reason not to get circumcized.

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