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Zakaj so poroke prenehale biti smiselne

[Prvotno objavljeno na forumu slovenskega Cosmopolitana ] Poroka v tradicionalnem smislu (mišljena kot obljuba dosmrtne zvestobe) je zastarel koncept. Ne zastarel v smislu, da zaradi starosti same po sebi ni več dober, temveč v smislu, da je zarjavel in škripa in propada in je na tem, da bo pravkar razpadel. Monogamna poroka je bila funkcionalen režim v času, ko je bila pričakovana življenjska doba posameznika 40 let, posameznice pa 35, ker je verjetno umrla med kakšnim porodom. Doživljenjska poroka je smiselna v okolju, kjer ni kondomov in zdravil in je življenje kratko. V takem primeru je smiselna za žensko, ker ji moški s poroko obljubi oskrbo do konca življenja, kar pripomore k uspešni razširitvi njenih genov. Zato se tradicionalno lahko ženska loči od moža, če je ne more preskrbeti ali je neploden. V istih okoliščinah je poroka smiselna za moškega, ker mu obljubi zvestobo partnerke: čas in energija, ki ju bo vlagal, bosta pripomogla k razplodu njegovih genov, ne genov drugih na

The US goes Iranian on gambling

In Iran, the government thinks it right to uphold "morality" by dictating a dress code women are required to adhere to. In the United States, the government thinks it right to uphold "morality" by disallowing its citizens from gambling over the internet. The United States have just arrested a non-US citizen while he was transferring between international flights on US soil for the crime of running an internet gambling business outside the United States that, while being 100% legal where it's based, took online bets from US citizens. Many things are illegal in China that are not illegal elsewhere. Is China entitled to enforce its laws worldwide? Is it entitled to jail foreign citizens for providing Chinese citizens with online access to things that are prohibited in China? Suppose that China took upon itself to enforce its laws internationally and jailed Google executives while on visit in Beijing. Suppose China sentenced Larry Page to 30 years in jail for t

Jesus Christ Superstar

If you ask me - and I'm no expert on Slovenian culture, which would be because I have a prejudice that there isn't much of it worth talking about to begin with - but if you ask me, the single greatest Slovenian contribution to worldwide culture is Laibach's edition of Jesus Christ Superstar . This song - no, this... work of auditory art - is just so powerful, so awe-inspiring, so strong and so well-executed, I just can't get enough of it. And, don't get me wrong - this is no piece to listen at room volume, or without a solid bass. It's a piece to play at full volume, as loud as you can risk when you're at home alone and most neighbors are away. Laibach has a bunch of other stuff which I find interesting and OK, but Jesus Christ Superstar I think is very much their best. Then again, that is only my own taste and opinion.

Circumcision as an adult, part 3

In my previous posts about being circumcised ( part 1 and part 2 ) I described my actual circumcision and the first days of healing. Six weeks later, now that I have had some new sexual experience, I think I can say quite safely that the sensations are way better. Previously, my sensations on penetration were limited to the glans penis and immediately below it when inserting the penis, and very little sensation at all when retracting it. This is because the foreskin would attach itself to the walls of the vagina, where it would mostly stand still - the so called gliding action . Regardless of what it says in the linked Wikipedia article, this gliding action sucked . I have a pretty average width penis, perhaps even a bit below average. Therefore, if the woman had a normal-sized pussy, because of the gliding action, I would feel very little sensation when penetrating, and almost no sensation when using a condom. Because of the lack of sensation, it could be difficult to maintain a h

Elastic tabs

A really neat source code editing idea: "Rather than saying that a tab character (a "hard tab") will move the cursor until the cursor's position is a multiple of N characters, we should say that a tab character is a delimiter between table cells..."