Woman fired for going topless in camp

This is an example where the mental health of most Americans seriously worries me. Not the woman, mind you. The reaction! According to the article, all this woman ever did was simply go topless in a campground, in her private time and minding her own business.

Apparently, in the United States of Insanity, doing this gets you:
  • harrassed by fellow camp goers;
  • reported to a marine patrol deputy and a park ranger;
  • harrassed by both mentioned authorities;
  • reported to your employer, which in this case is the sheriff's office;
  • fired by your employer;
  • a $1000 fine and up to one year in jail.
Now this is just ridiculous. A woman shows her breasts, something no one should pay a second thought to and everyone should be accustomed to seeing, and people fire her for it? And there's a $1000 fine? And up to one year in jail? WTF?

Please tell me again, I forgot. How again are the United States different from Yemen, Iran or Saudi Arabia?


Crothos said…
It is not and it is slowly becoming a police state.

Check this out.

Oklahoma Game Law

People are now crazy.
denis bider said…
The article says that the bill prohibits selling to minors games that, among other criteria, have "violence so pervasive that it serves as the thread holding the plot of the material together". I don't think this is necessary, workable or helpful - people who concern themselves with writing these bills should probably go back to gardening - but at least legislating against violence is more reasonable than the obsession against naked bodies and even depictions of them.

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