The revolutionary pandemic

Don't miss my previous post today: The cynical pandemic Wow. In February 2010, an independent journalist published this article on Forbes, titled Why The WHO Faked A Pandemic . The journalist discussed the World Health Organization overhyping the dangers of swine flu. Key paragraph: In a September speech WHO Director-General Chan said "ministers of health" should take advantage of the "devastating impact" swine flu will have on poorer nations to get out the message that "changes in the functioning of the global economy" are needed to "distribute wealth on the basis of" values "like community, solidarity, equity and social justice." She further declared it should be used as a weapon against "international policies and systems that govern financial markets, economies, commerce, trade and foreign affairs." Someone recently discovered this article and posted it on Twitter. The article was unpublished within hours: Scree

The cynical pandemic

You cannot fully comprehend the world if you're unwilling to accept how cynical some of our "leaders" are, and what they're willing to do to achieve their ends. At least five US state governors that we know of forced Covid-positive individuals from hospitals into nursing homes, in most cases prohibiting nursing homes from refusing these patients. Examples : Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) issued an order that a long-term care facility “must not prohibit admission or readmission of a resident based on COVID-19 [coronavirus] testing requirements or results.” The policy was renewed three times before being rescinded in July 2020. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D-CA) administration ordered on April 10, 2020, that “patients hospitalized, or receiving treatment at an alternate care site, with COVID-19 can be discharged to a [skilled nursing facility] when clinically indicated.” Governors who ordered policies like these include Cuomo in New York; Whitmer in Michigan; Newsom in

Excellent news for Texas

I strongly support this. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ˜ƒ LUBBOCK, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Texas Governor Greg Abbott made the “statewide announcement” Tuesday afternoon that it’s time to open Texas 100% and he ended the mask mandate. “Under no circumstance can someone be punished for not wearing a mask,” said Gov. Abbott. By next Wednesday, March 2 all businesses can open at 100%.

What the f... is going on in this world?

This is kinda funny: But this is ridiculous and depressing : What the f... is going on in this world? Is sense ever going to make a comeback? Are we stuck with educators acting like complete nutcases? How can we ever respect teachers and schools after this? They are showing themselves as complete buffoons! Here, let me remind you – October 20, 2020, NBC 26 on YouTube: Suppose we tested everyone for the common cold, using a test that has 10% false positives. If we treated everyone who dies after testing positive for the cold, as a death caused by the cold: what would be the estimated infection fatality rate? It would look pretty much exactly like this picture.

A world in which it's not worth existing

The mental patients have taken over the world, and now run the asylum. The people did not vote for this. Who cares about voters? "Fortify" the election, for our good! An unholy alliance of oligarchs with god complexes. Deep state apparatchiks. Propping up mental patients. Before, there was an inconspicuous elite. Now, they rule openly. Before, subtly advancing totalitarianism. Now, subtle as a sledgehammer. Before, the healthy could speak, but could not make a difference. Then they made a difference. The internet wasn't locked down! Wrong guy got elected! Bad – white supremacy! Now, the healthy cannot speak. Only the mentally ill. Every website, news outlet, social network and TV channel. Everyone who disagrees is a racist and a terrorist. Ban. Cancel. Deplatform. Kill! Mental illness now rules . News. Distortion. Fear. Censorship. Editors pushing the lie of the day. Media controlled by a few billionaires. Lie retracted the next day? It was effective. Does not

Covid-19 lockdowns and science

Excellent summary of what we know so far about Covid-19, its impacts and the effectiveness of lockdowns: COVID-19 Lockdowns: Liberty and Science It appears to be a pretty good compilation of factual stuff that is verboten in the media.

The Purge

We know that the protesters at the Capitol building were invited inside by security. There are multiple video angles of this. Here is one from the outside . Another one showing entry . This is one from the inside – series of tweets: scroll down for the one that says "Here’s the scary moment". There was another , but that one has now been removed in The Purge. So the protesters were invited in. At least some of them were antifa. We know because: (1) observers reported an antifa bus escorted by the police to DC, (2) diligent folks doxxed some of them, and (3) it's weird for a MAGA protester to sport a hammer-and-sickle tattoo. So the protesters were invited in, they walked loudly through the building – and Ashli Babbit, a protester and veteran with 4 tours of duty on her record, was murdered by a security guy when she attempted to climb through a hallway window: Meanwhile, half a year ago, "Black Lives Matter" rioters did this : That is fine though. That&