Australia and New Zealand: The criminals' nuclear escape

Last week, I posted about graphene nanoblades in the vaccines. Today, let's connect a few dots about Australia and New Zealand. These countries are being prepared by the world's elite as escapes of last resort for the guiltiest. For the people who have orchestrated the Covid hoax, used lockdowns to expropriate the middle classes of multiple countries, and are now committing genocide through injections. These are high crimes which require unprecedented trials. These trials are well on their way . There are already stacks of evidence, and weeks of video you can see for yourself. What we're waiting for is that people wake up, and regain control of institutions. This is the only way trials can be held. The elites must either win – so we can never regain control – or they need an escape plan. The escape plan is Australia and New Zealand. The mega-rich have known what's coming for a decade. They have built bunkers there : Survival shelter company Rising S Co was receiv

Graphene nanoblades cutting up insides

We are told Dr. Andreas Noack has died. In this video , a woman who appears to be pregnant with his child explains he was violently attacked ("heftig angegangen") shortly after an interview, and did not survive. This comes a few days after his video about the effects of graphene hydroxide which has been found in the injections. Here is the video that may have cost Dr. Andreas his life: Summary: Dr. Noack is a specialist in activated carbon. His doctoral thesis was about converting graphene oxide into graphene hydroxide. He had joined the world leading activated carbon manufacturer. He was in charge of new activated carbon products, Europe-wide. His role was application scouting. Multiple labs have found graphene oxide in vaccine samples. Dr. Noack says the data shows this is actually graphene hydroxide. A piece is on the order of 50 nm long and 0.1 nm thick. It's made of hexagonal carbon structures with OH groups attached. Electrons are delocalized and

Posledice cepiv v Avstraliji

Naletel sem na posnetek presunljivih pričanj bolniških sester in reševalcev v Avstraliji. Anonimno so upali povedati, česar z imenom ne smejo. Dodal sem podnapise v slovenščini:

The consequences of lying

Here is a typical take on the Rittenhouse trial, by people who actually paid attention. Not all of this is correct, but it's substantially right. Kyle is as innocent as they come – for someone who shot three people. Rittenhouse conducted himself miraculously in a way that was aggressive, well-intentioned, dangerous – yet he never overstepped. He cleaned up graffiti, he put out fires, he tried to render medical assistance. He legally carried a firearm for self-defense. He was attacked by a bunch of criminals and misfits, and they ended up getting what they asked for. What did the media do? They lied. YouTube censored several independent legal experts who streamed and commented on the trial. The corporate media streams remained available . These then strategically did not air parts of the defense. Here's Kyle in the moment he was found not guilty : If this doesn't tug at your heart, I don't know what will. The rioters were almost certainly bribed by psycho

Dreamworks and Netflix: Shun evil skeptics! Be gullible and party!

Everything that comes out of Hollywood recently is blatant propaganda aimed at two goals: Feminize society and demonize masculinity. Children need to grow up weak, to not resist coercion and gaslighting . Cultural genocide of white people, so that the actual genocide can go more smoothly . Even knowing this, I was appalled to see the 2017 episode Happy Space Troopers of the Dreamworks/Netflix rip-off series Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh . Our kids love the original Home movie (2015). It is "subtle" propaganda. It normalizes a fatherless "family". It portrays it as normal for a mixed-race child to grow up with a loving and responsible latina mother, while the black father is gone. It portrays technologically superior aliens who take Earth for themselves and relocate people to "Happy Humanstown", a giant concentration camp in Australia. ( Hmm. ) The aliens are adorable clueless buffoons who are just running from danger. It turns out it

Get the rednecks first?

Last week, The Exposé posted this article , based on an analysis of VAERS data: 96% of the lots of Pfizer vaccine had zero death reports made against them. Meaning the 2,828 reported deaths were associated with just 4% of the lots of Pfizer vaccine. Ninety-five-percent of the lots of Moderna vaccine had zero death reports made against them. Meaning the 2,603 deaths were associated with just 5% of the lots of Moderna vaccine. Note: VAERS data are being massively , intentionally , underreported . Tens of thousands of records that should be in VAERS are being held back . Records which get into VAERS are being removed . A couple days ago, The Exposé made this bombshell follow-up . The reported vaccine death rates are twenty times higher in Kentucky than in California. The trend holds strong for red vs. blue states: How do we explain this? Two ideas: The doctors in Kentucky may simply have twenty times better ethics . Populations can be expected to file more dil

Children ages 5-11

This is some serious shit, guys. A new formulation is going into children aged 5-11 – with no clinical trials: We gotta do this because kids are being hospitalized "with Covid" at less than half the rate of the regular flu. This is after we inflate the numbers with overtesting and false positives: In fact – this German study found: The lowest risk was observed in children aged 5-11 without comorbidities. In this group, the ICU admission rate was 0.2 per 10,000 and case fatality could not be calculated, due to an absence of cases. No cases! This means the infection fatality rate could be anything! We're just going to see how it goes, guys. No problem: Our models predict we will save the life of one 80-year-old by giving myocarditis to 100 children: This is fine. We'll just forget that myocarditis is dead heart muscle, it does not recover. Oh, and 5-year survival rates for myocarditis are under 50%, as mentioned in this study (Mahimarangaiah, Mar