Roland's Roasted Soybeans (Edamame)

Just today, I found this product in our local store (Auto Mercado in San Jose, Costa Rica). If they have it here, they're pretty sure to have it most places in the US:

Never mind the "feng shui" crap. This is the perfect snack!

  • It's tasty in a similar way as roasted nuts (just less fatty).
  • Whereas nuts are largely fat, with some protein, these roasted soybeans claim to have a large portion of protein, with the remaining content balanced between fats and carbohydrates. (And none of the fats are saturated! If it matters.)
  • It's filling! Eating the same amount of nuts just leaves me wanting more nuts (and calories), but eating 30 grams of this is satisfying.
  • At 13g of protein per 130 kCal, I could literally eat this all day, and not depart from my diet!
  • It has a better protein/kCal ratio than most protein bars, without the overbearing sweetness!
  • All dat fiber, it helps you poop! (Probably.)

Yummy. I'm sure most people will continue to prefer their Doritos, but I love to have this as an option for when I would otherwise crave junk food (which for me is all carbs or fat, and no protein).


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