Why Slovenian media are... shit

I like to use accurate words. I prefer that words do not exaggerate, but convey that which is true.

In the title of this post, the words are, unfortunately, appropriate. Saying that Slovenian media are "poor quality", or something otherwise reserved, would be an understatement. "Poor quality" would indicate that they aren't as good as they could be, but they may still have uses.

Consuming Slovenian media is about as harmful as consuming that which should go in the toilet:
  • Slovenian media will try to intentionally warp your worldview with manipulative, and frequently untrue, allegations about the moral, social and economic perils of Western society. This is mainly to support local politicians who distance themselves from the Western concept of justice and meritocracy, and instead put emphasis on privileges that "ought" to be available to all, and "national interests" that benefit a few. This harms the long-term development of the country, but pacifies the masses while some people profit.
  • Possibly in support of the above, or possibly because they are inept, Slovenian media will regularly take all sorts of internet hoaxes, easily verifiable as such, and publish them as serious articles. This seems to be more likely if such "articles" discredit the US. Slovenian readers will believe these articles in consternation about the state of the world beyond Slovenian borders.
In other words, you can't really believe not just opinion pieces, but even "factual" articles in what's considered to be "serious" Slovenian media.

Fundamentally, the major reason this can happen is that the Slovenian language, spoken by only 2 million, is a ghetto for the Slovenian soul.


Humane executions?

There's an interesting article on New Scientist about the drugs used in "humane" executions by lethal injection.

For the purpose of this article, let's set aside the contentious debate about whether execution is acceptable in the first place. Given that executions do take place, what would be the most humane method?

I think the very fact that prisoners can't choose their own method of execution is inhumane. There ought to be a selection of several approved alternatives, and the prisoner should be able to choose a method he, or she, is comfortable with.

I also find it fascinating that no state practices execution by substituting air with nitrogen. This seems to me more humane than the lethal injection method, which may very well involve suffering if the anesthetic fails.

When pure nitrogen enters the lungs, it absorbs oxygen from blood cells. Within a few heartbeats, the new blood entering the brain is devoid of oxygen, and the brain shuts down. There is no pain. The person simply goes unconscious. Keep them breathing nitrogen, and the brain is dead.

Still, if I had to make this awful and macabre choice, I would not choose either the lethal injection, or the nitrogen. They are too sissy. As for hanging, or the guillotine, or stoning - I find them disgusting, and awful.

If I had to, and were able to, choose for myself, I'd go for firing squad. There's something about standing up to the guns, facing them, that says to me - I stood for something, I lived with principles, and I die with self respect.

Don't give the shooters any blanks either. That's a disgrace. An executioner should know the reason he's firing at a guy for, not seek sissy comfort in that he's just following orders, and that his gun maybe contained a blank.

Suppose you had to make this choice. What method would you choose for yourself?


Parking law abuse in Miami

If you ever park a car in Miami, you may want to know that the Miami-Dade County cares a lot - in fact, it cares $23 - whether your car is parked this way:

... or this way:

Unfortunately, I was unaware of this factoid.

So, this past night, as my wife and I were contributing to the local economy by having dinner out in South Miami, eating sushi in the belief that our car is correctly and legally parked, officer "Y Isidor" took a look at our car, and after glancing briefly, decided that our mutual evening would be greatly improved if he issued this lovely request for us to help top up the Miami-Dade County budget:

And this is after I put all my coins in the parking meter, to make sure it would not run out - because, unlike many people I know, I actually care about correct parking.

So I logged on to the net tonight to find out more about how stationary vehicles can be deemed to be "parked against traffic", and I found the following opinions, gracefully provided by the internet:
You are parking the wrong way and when you leave the parking spot you will have to drive the wrong way, for a short time, against traffic.
Everybody I issue a ticket to thinks they should have gotten a warning... Give me a break, if I read your post right; you drove on the wrong side of the road, parked against the direction of traffic and now you think you should have gotten a warning.

These are obviously incredibly intelligent individuals whose mental powers must surpass mine. These gentlemen are able to see the recklessness and danger in my briefly positioning my vehicle to occupy the opposite lane before parking, as well as the incredible daftness of crossing that lane again when I exit the parking space.

We have only the stars to thank for such useless bozos insightful individuals who make the world a better place by issuing citations to people who've paid their parking.